Student Corner

December 2021

Once again our Christmas celebrations were a little different this year and while you could not join us you can have a look at some great photographs on the school social media pages and a sample of the fun had by everyone below. Wishing everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas!








October 2021:

Students and Staff in the junior and senior ends of our school, had a great day in school today, dressing up and participating in our Annual Halloween Witches Walk. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween and a fantastic Midterm!

Junior School:


Senior school:

June 2021

We are finally in our beautiful new building and settling into our new surroundings. It has been a great term and we would like to wish our graduating students the very best of luck in the future as they begin their new adventures. We hope you have a very happy summer holiday and please click the link below to see our new beginnings video.

Enjoy and see you all again very soon!

Friday 12th March 2021

Happy Friday everyone.

Please see below the link to watch a vitrual tour of our new school.

We are nearly there 🙂

Friday 5th March 2021

Afternoon everyone. It was great seeing all the happy faces of the boys and girls in school this week and we are so excited as more furniture has been arriving at our new building. See below for the latest arrivals and have a lovely weekend.
Friday 26th February 2021

Happy Friday everyone.
Below you will see some more pictures of our new school building.
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 12th February 2021

The Stress Busters…Follow the link below and try some of these relaxation exercises from the HEART program:




Let’s sing along to our Valentine’s Day song!

Also see below some more pictures of our new school building.

Wednesday 10th February 2021

All students enjoy our relaxation time, lie on the couch or on a floor mat, darken the room and listen to the music whiling taking deep breaths.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day matching hearts game for our younger students. 

Valentine’s Day ‘I spy’ for our older students – can you find 10 hearts, 9 roses and 8 balloons

There are some great sensory ideas for all ages… feel the love!


Monday 8th February 2021

Our theme for this week is Valentine’s Day.

Teachers often use a resource called TacPac (which can be bought or made up) but having a look at some YouTube videos you will get an idea as to how this might be a useful activity for you and your child to try at home.

Our body parts can be used as instruments i.e. either the parent creates a sound on their own body or on child’s body (if tolerated) for instance clapping, tapping on leg, using hand or fingers or perhaps a spatula.

Enjoy these St. Valentine’s Day stories ‘I love you too’

‘The Biggest Valentine Ever’

Learn some St. Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Valentine’s Day Mobile

Valentine’s Mosacic Letter Cards

Some Valentine’s tracing activities

Friday 5th February 2021

‘Go Noodle’ is a great site where children can hear, watch and join in with activity songs

How to draw a fruit bowl – you can try this out!

3D paper fruit and vegetables

Play-dough vegetables

This song is all about counting fruit!

New School Update

Furniture has begun arriving at our new school this week. Individual work stations, teacher desks, library chairs, equipment for the PE hall. We are delighted to share some images from the new school with you all. Happy Friday!










Wednesday 3rd February 2021

The PDST has some very useful relaxation and self-regulation tools for children.

Let’s see can our younger students name all the healthy fruits in the picture and then count them.

For our older students – click on the link below. Can you sort out and count all the healthy and unhealthy foods.

Some great ideas here for all ages to engage in sensory activities:


Monday 1st February 2021

Our theme for this week is Healthy Eating.

Learn to Dance like a Fairy (Dance routines) Coach Hayley will keep us dancing and moving, just click on the link

Enjoy this well-loved children’s classic ‘The Very Hungary Caterpillar’

Join Oliver in his search for chips! ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’

Learn some fruit and vegetable vocabulary

Some pealing, squeezing and tearing activities for everyone

Food and nutrition letter tracing

Wrapping fine motor activities


Friday 29th January 2021

Here is a little snapshot of the new school. Please click the IMG file below:


The NCSE website is a great source to look at practical activities and to help develop ‘Fine and Gross Motor Skills’. This link contains some helpful exercises to help develop ‘core strength’ and ‘shoulder stability’

Colourful snowmen winter crafts

Click the link to listen to our song ‘5 little snowmen’

Our younger students could practice counting ‘snowballs’! Use cotton wool balls as snowballs. Count them out and then you could have a pretend snowball fight with someone at home!

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Lets try this “Bring it Down” relaxation activity from Go Noodle.  #

Our older students can play this ‘I spy in Winter’ number game. Can you spy and count the birds, snowflakes, trees and snowmen.

Some fun sensory activities to try at home

Monday 25th January 2021

Our theme for this week is ‘Winter’ – Enjoy this Winter story – ‘A Snowflake’

Follow Peter’s adventure on  ‘A Snowy Day

Some students may enjoy this short video on Winter vocabulary

Winter fine motor activities

Winter pre writing practice

It’s all about keeping active and exercising as much as possible at home. The following link contains some simple, quick moves for kids to help them build their muscles, strengthen their bones, improve flexibility and burn some energy!!


Friday 22nd January 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

Here are a few picture’s of the new school and some more fun activities to do at home.





Art: Let’s make a helicopter, aeroplane, train and boat.

P.E: It’s time to get moving everyone…join the Kidz Bop Dance along videos by clicking on the following link.

Song: Clap your hands and practise counting while listening to this week’s Transport song!

Wednesday 20th January 2021


Try these simple sensory bin activities for all ages:


During these difficult times having some time for relaxation is very important for our well-being. Why not try this 3 minute mindfulness body relaxation.

Number: Our younger students who like water play might enjoy this activity. Find all your toy cars at home, count them and then have some fun washing them!

Can our older students look at this picture and find and count all the modes of transport you can see!

Monday 18th of January

Enjoy this story about different modes of transport

Take a journey with Barefoot Books

Many of our students are familiar with and enjoy this story ‘The Train Ride

Why not try some of these fine motor activities, simple easy to follow steps and guidelines. (Letter Roads) (shaving foam roads) (transport cutting activities)

Our theme this week is ‘Transport’ so keeping that in mind here’s a fun game to play with coach Hayley…click on the link and have a go:

Traffic Lights Game

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope our students and families are keeping safe and well during these difficult times. We would like to share with you some useful ideas, resources and activities which may help keep some students occupied over this period of school closures. The activities and resources are ones chosen by the teacher and are enjoyed by the students in school. Please use as best suits your child and your family. We will also post photos and from the new school building so that you can all see the progress of the build and how it is coming together in the final weeks before opening! Keep safe and well everyone!

We hope you enjoy listening to this transport song where we hear about different ways we can travel – by car, boat, train and aeroplane.

Let us craft a picture of a sail ship sailing on the sea. Enjoy!

Dancing to Fun Friday:

It’s that time of the year again when ‘Operation Transformation’ returns to our TV screens. The following link is an interactive exercise programme for all family members to try. All these exercises can be done at home no matter what the weather is like outside.

Two presenters will talk you through and demonstrate how to complete each activity…click and Enjoy!!

More posts to follow next week!


August 31st 2020 We’re happy to be back in school.

Friday June 26th 2020

As the school will close June 30th this is our final posting. We will be in touch with families privately before then. Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer and looking forward to welcoming our students back to school in September.

Have fun joining in on all the actions with Racing Diggers

You might be tempted to try a fruit salad or a marshmallow lollipop this week

Taking care of ourselves and developing  and keeping a positive outlook as we face a changing world  is so important, you might find the article below helpful


Wednesday June 24th 2020

A 6 minute Guided meditation activity that all children can enjoy – Wiggleflop

Here’s a cool Summer song that we like listening to in school

Click on the link below..can our younger students help the caterpillar put the numbers in the correct order

Click on the link below..some of our older students might like to do this worksheet online..sort the clothes into things we wear in Summer and Winter..count how many items we wear in Summer


Monday June 22nd 2020

Continuing with our Summer theme this week here is a lovely short story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ some students may enjoy

The following has some useful resources such as sequencing pictures, colouring pages, word mats, etc. linked to the above story

Here is a summer bingo matching game resource that can be played to promote language development

While it may be difficult to go on trips to zoos, farms, museums, etc. at the moment it’s possible to bring students on many Virtual Tours instead!

Get busy with Hayley and Elaine’s Pilates workout

Some useful Summer fine motor activities


Friday June 19th 2020

You’ll need to put on your ‘Dancing Shoes’ for this next activity which is lots of fun – Inclusive Dance Workout.

Try out these soft and chewy cookies for a special treat

Sing along to our Mr.Sun song!

Here is a full list of distance learning stories available free on the ‘autismlittlelearners’ website including picture stories on familiar people wearing face masks


Wednesday June 17th  2020

 Blowing bubbles is lots of fun and it’s also a great sensory experience. It can be a lovely activity to do outside on a sunny day! Our younger students might like to blow bubbles, watch the bubbles float up to the sky or try and burst the bubbles…count how many you can burst! Also look at all the beautiful colours you can see in the bubbles. You can use a bubble wand or bubble machine and if you don’t have any bubble mixture you can make some using washing up liquid and water. Enjoy!

Our older students might like to play a game called ‘Colour match buckets’. What you need: A selection of buckets/containers (different colours or stick coloured card on the front) and an assortment of different coloured balls.What to do: 1. Fill the buckets with some water. 2. Arrange the buckets on the ground. 3. Position the balls beside the people playing.How to play: Each person picks a coloured ball and throws it into the corresponding coloured bucket. Count how many balls each person gets into the bucket. The person with the most balls wins the game!

These Ocean calming bottles capture all the aspects of a visit to the sea, the waves and fish moving back and forth, the colour of the ocean all captured in a bottle!

Some of our students love to look and feel sensory bags. Why not make one together? Name and find the different objects inside the bag

You might like to try Meditation for Children Calming Activity: ;  very soothing music with   beautiful   simple animated  actions.


Monday June 15th 2020

Summer is our theme for this week! Here is song/story about the beach with ideas for props and visual aids to help our students gain a sensory experience as they listen

Here’s a story about going to the beach some of our younger students may enjoy!

The following is a fun story about Seahorses!

Finally, National Geographic have some wonderful undersea videos for children of all ages to enjoy

 Go Noodle is a very useful site where children can hear, watch and join in with activity songs


Friday June 12th 2020

The following link includes some activities and exercises to  help support Gross Motor Development skill

Lets do some bubble painting with food colour:

Why not try a refreshing and healthy drink which will help cool you down during the nice summer weather


Wednesday June 10th 2020

This 6 minute Seaside relaxation visualisation activity is a nice way to bring come calmness into your day

The PDST Breathing Resource is full of great ideas

One way to help our younger student’s transition from one place to another could be to do transition activities. These would be things that could be done in between two major activities, e.g. skipping over to the car or counting to ten before moving on to the next activity. Transitioning might be easier if we can help to make it fun!

Transitioning away from a preferred object or activity can be difficult for all of us but can be much easier when we have some advance warning. Our older students could use a ‘countdown strip’ to help them transition from a preferred activity e.g. move from computer time on to something else. Stick three pictures of a computer beside the three numbers. Show your child and tell them ‘3 more and then you’re finished’. At regular intervals remove one of the pictures until all the computer pictures are gone. Then the activity is finished and your child can move on to something else. Reassure your child that the computer will be available to them at another time but for now it is time to do something else.


Monday June 8th 2020

Our theme for this week is Transition and Change! The following are some helpful ideas to assist children move from one activity to another

The Seasons can be a useful way to introduce the idea of change to students. The link below contains some visual aids which may motivate students to explore how we experience change every year through the seasons

Here is a lovely story ‘A Book of Seasons’ all about the four seasons

Enjoy playing ‘Mr. Men’ game with ‘Coach Hayley’


Friday June 5th 2020

Lots of students might enjoy this social story presented by a child explaining the use of PPE to children

Hope you enjoy listening to this song…see can you follow the instructions…can you clap your hands, stretch up high, touch your toes, turn around, stamp your feet and say hello!

This is a recipe with visual instructions for a Pineapple Frosty/ Smoothie from The Autism Helpers Facebook Page


Wednesday June 3rd 2020

Please follow the link to BBE’s Virtual calming room for some guided relaxation, breathing, movement music and sound or visual relaxation

We all love the game ‘Simon says’… it’s a fun game our older students might enjoy playing! Simon can tell the players what to do but they must only follow the commands that begin with the words ‘Simon Says’. Children, parents or puppets could take turns being ‘Simon’ and give the instructions. Example commands: • Stand on one foot • Stamp your feet three times • Clap your hands five times • Jump up and down six times. I hope you have lots of fun playing…and remember…only do the action if Simon says it!

Check out this youtube clip..this fun game is all about mirroring each other’s movements…our younger students might enjoy playing it!

This is a lovely story written  and read by Emma Cahill all about feelings during lockdown for children. Follow the story of three superheroes Blaze, Crash and Russell and see how they are feeling during this time!

There are some great sensory ideas for outdoors play and creativity on the link below!


Tuesday June 2nd

Games, our theme for this week, can be fun a way to develop our literacy, language and communication skills. The following link suggests some games for just this. It may suit both younger and older students

Some of our younger students may enjoy these fun online games which help develop language skills

Reading games can be fun for our students. Here are some simple ideas for reading games

The following YouTube video has lots of useful Lamh signs for summer games

The Super Trooper activities are great to keep everybody active both indoors and in our gardens. There are lots of activities at various levels which are fun and challenging. These activities promote mental and physical wellbeing for the whole family. All activities have been developed in line with PE and SPHE curriculum

Examples of activities:

  • Bullseye challenge
  • Yoga exercises
  • Spring into action activities
  • Rugby challenges
  • Family fitness
  • Indoor games and activities
  • Healthy smoothie making recipes


Friday May 29th

10 @10 This is an interactive exercise programme that is readily available on RTE Junior. The link provides a range of 15 workouts which can be completed with a little space in any room of the family home. Two presenters will talk you through and demonstrate how to complete each activity. Some students will be familiar with the activities and they are an excellent way to keep active and moving during this exceptional time for everybody Enjoy!

Playdough is easy to make and fun to play with. Make some play dough and use cookie cutters to make cute gingerbread men or other crafts. See for ideas.

Helen’s recipe this week is for chocolate muffins, the video can be used with the recipe. The students generally love everything chocolately

Wednesday May 27th 2020

The Department of Education has published an information document for parents: Continuity of Schooling: Guidance for Parents/Guardians of Primary School Pupils

This 5 minute video which has Miriam Gates reading the beautifully illustrated   “Good Morning Zoga” book  for children  can either be listened to as a story or  you and your child might like to participate along as the story is being read by engaging  in the actions or you might try  the short  Zoga lesson: Yoga for Kids “Windy Day” by Jodi the Zogi

Here’s an activity for our younger students giving an idea of a way in which we can help them to communicate with us. Look through a photo album or photographs on your phone and ask questions such as ‘who’s this?’, ‘show me Mammy?’, ‘let’s count the number of people in the photo’, ‘what colour is Daddy’s jumper?’ etc. This is a nice activity we could do as a family.

With ‘communicating and keeping in touch’ in mind a nice activity for some of our older students might be to draw/paint a picture or write a letter, and with the help of an adult put it in an envelope, address it and if possible post it to a loved one, for example to your Granny or Grandad. I’m sure they would love to receive a piece of art or a letter from you! If your post box is close by count the number of steps it takes to get there and back!

Here’s a song about some of the ways in which we can communicate with each other!

The students love sensory stories, by clicking on the link below and registering for free you will have access to 7 free sensory stories which are easy to create using items found at home!

Some great sensory ideas to get students to explore using their senses.


Monday May 25th 2020

This week our theme is Communication and Keeping in Touch.

This is a lovely story about a postman delivering letters to some well-known fairy tale characters

The following may interest some of our senior students. It shows us what happens to our letters after we have put them in the post box

More fun workouts with Hayley: click on the link and keep BUSY!! Ninja Workout –

Fine motor skills (Little Learners) might be useful for little fingers


Friday May 22nd 2020

Music, Movement and Singing Activities: A fun way to develop language, rhyme & rhythm and number concepts. Great to help with motor activities if actions suitable to your individual child are incorporated. You can use homemade instruments like pots, pans or plastic tubs as a drum or instruments made during art sessions for music activities too Music Movement and Singing Activities

Pepperoni Pizza video from Blossom Ireland – watch Ben with DS making this lovely pizza, easy to follow and very apt for our students

Look at the following video clip to create an easy art/science colour diffusion project:

All you need are the following materials:

  • Paper coffee filters
  • Markers (colour)
  • Water


Wednesday May 20th 2020

If you would like to try a gentle Zoga activity with your child based on a very popular and loved story  please check out The Very Hungry Caterpillar  a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure.

Some relaxing music for stress relief

Our older students might like to try this cool SCIENCE experiment – make magic milk! – count the colours you see and look at the beautiful patterns that are created!

Our younger students might like to try this simple science experiment and you can count the number of raisins you see dancing in the fizzy water!

Some simple and easy sensory activities to try at home.

25 Sensory Activities for Kids | Hands On As We Grow®


Monday May 18th 2020

Coach Hayley has a real fun game to play this week…click on the link and have a go!!

Traffic Lights Game –

Here is a short story explaining all about SCIENCE which some of our younger students might like

Here is another SCIENCE story about the world we live in ‘Here we Are’, which some of our senior  students may enjoy listening to

Finally, many of our students love this LAMH song all about colours

Take a look at the NCSE website with lots of practical activities to help develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills at home NCSE-Fine and gross motor skills


Friday May 15th 2020

Here are some fun activities that children can do outside around their homes.

Scavenger Hunt -This can be of things that you find inside or outside the home.

Inside the home:–sleepover-scavenger-hunt-indoor-scavenger-hunt-ideas-for-kids.jpg

Outside the home:

Helen, our Home Economics teacher has given a recipe for Sweet Dough Balls which requires very few ingredients or equipment. In cookery classes we always try to encourage the children to use all their senses when they are cooking and often trace letters or numbers in flour on the table so they can get used to the feel of the flour.

Print out a colouring picture of a cake and colour it in or you can colour it in online. Enjoy!

You might find the website Learning Without Tears useful for family members


Wednesday May 13th 2020

Having some relaxation time is important for our wellbeing and you may just get an opportunity during the week to engage in a relaxing activity.  You might like the  5 Minute Guided Meditation – Body Scan For Relaxation, Tension and Stress Release  (suitable for adults older students)  and/or the short  Animated Calming and Stretching  Exercises for Children

Here’s the ‘5 Gingerbread Men’ Song on Youtube

Sorting cutlery is a nice practical activity that can be done at home! If you have plastic cutlery sorting activities can be done in a few ways – sort all the knives, forks, spoons into piles or sort the cutlery by colour.


Our students love sensory activities. The TacPac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music to align the senses and develop communication skills.

Materials and link:

  • fan/paper
  • Sponge
  • Bubbles
  • Wooden spoon

YouTube · Barry DaviesPreviewPreview7:58Tac PacOct 1, 2015

Monday May 11th 2020

Click on our first video clip of the week to help keep us dancing and moving with Coach Hayley Learn to dance like a Fairy (Dance Routine)

As our theme for this week is ‘Baking’ we have added the ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ story. and here is a link to a matching word game relating to this story

Colourful Semantics – this link leads to a free download (once you register for free) of a useful language resource for some students

Learning Without Tears is a useful site for developing handwriting and using keyboards.

Friday May 8th 2020

Coach Hayley’s inclusive video for all to assist children with physical disability – guest appearance by Dean Rock

Some recipes suitable for older students

Every child can be an artist so let’s create some symmetry butterflies


·         Paper

·         Scissors

·         Water colour paint

·         Small cups

·         Spoons


·         Cut paper butterflies

·         Pour paint into cups

·         Spoon drops of paint to one side of your butterfly paper

·         Fold paper and open butterfly painting

·         Well done!



Wednesday May 6th 2020

Try another of Hayley’s exercise routines – the Bean Game (Great Warm Up Game)

Super Shed Stories have a lovely range of stories. Today’s story is the Gingerbread Man.

Some children really enjoy playing with and chatting to puppets. Simple idea for you to try –


Friday May 1st

Some lovely handwashing songs and activities from the Sesame Street Gang are available on the NCSE website

NEPS have produced some relaxation techniques that might be useful for some of our older students.

Some of you may be interested in a webinar on TEACCH/Shoebox Activity Tasks coming up on Monday evening next May 4th. Ron Larson (former TEACCH Therapist and creator of Shoebox Tasks) is giving a webinar about using teach activities at home. May 4th 8pm Irish time

Topic: Working One on One with Your Child at Home – The Basics

Time: May 4, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 785 1721 1562

Password: 1UhraB

Wednesday April 28th 2020

Our second video this week from Hayley is Ninja Endurance Workout: You may like to try it out today.

The theme of the week from the NCSE is Gardening, there are lots of ideas on this week’s link

If you are looking for art/craft supplies Evans Art Supplies Shop is re-opening today for online orders. They have a range of educational, craft and painting supplies available and deliver to homes


Monday April 26th 2020

Good morning everyone. Hayley – the sports coach at Stewarts – has made some excercise videos for us. You might like to try  Racing Diggers at home today:

Friday April 24th 2020

Hope everyone is keeping safe. Thanks for your survey replies and email contacts that you sent to us. We will follow up with you shortly through the class teachers.

Read a Story – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Lucan Library is doing a storytime daily – check out their Facebook page

Another useful websites is


Make Sensory Bottles

Relaxation Visuals & Music

Wednesday April 22nd 2020

Class teachers will be in touch with everyone this week.Thanks to the parents who responded to our survey, it’s not too late to reply and it only takes about 3 minutes to complete.

The NCSE continues to have some useful resources on their website. We’ve highlighted three for today.

For some of our older students the Junior Cycle team at the Department of Education have lots of useful ideas on their website. This link is from their Spring range of Resources

Third Years and Fourth Years in Rosscourt covered dance in PE during the last school term.  Here are some of the music clips that we used and might be helpful and familiar to our older students.

  1. Hokey Pokey
  2. Chicken Dance
  3. Irish Dancing
  4. Limbo
  5. Conga
  6. Line Dancing

Monday April 20th 2020

TWINKL offer a wide range of ebooks which are great for storytime – stimulating conversation and reinforcing new words and ideas.  By putting ebooks into the search box on twinkl parents and children will have access to all the ebooks available on their site. Twinkl also offer a wide variety of activities to encourage writing – pre writing activities, letter formation, and handwriting.  They can be found by searching the site under the above headings. They provide a wide range of nursery rhymes and activities to help with gross and fine motor development.

Some suggested activities:

  • Make sight words/letters with playdoh
  • Make words/letters in sand/shaving foam/rice
  • Play sight word Jenga (write some words on Jenga blocks, child says/repeats word before removing the piece.
  • Practise cutting skills
  • Play I Spy Nature (photo included)
  • Picture Scavenger hunt (photo included)
  • Act out favourite stories using props e.g. “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”.  This activity could also be recorded for children to watch later.
  • Threading activities

 Suggested self-care / daily living skills to develop whilst at home

(Visuals for in-task schedules to develop these skills are on TWINKL)

With assistance/ reduced assistance:-

*Hand-washing (rubbing hands well together, using soap, rinsing hands and drying hands thoroughly)


*Dressing Skills (including moving onto using fasteners, if appropriate)

*Set table (even put a cup and placemat (could be sheet of card on table), sit at table whilst eating, bring plate to sink when finished


Some of the following curricular activities may also be helpful at home:-

With assistance/reduce assistance:-

*Butter Toast/ bread/cracker, spread favourite topping (Jam/ Nutella/ Cheese spread etc.) (Develop knife/ spreading skills with assistance/ reduce assistance ) – (recommend putting a pat of spread on the side of the plate to use)

*Make frozen juices (with help put in pre-chopped fruit pieces into blender, pour in base juice etc)

*Spread icing/ melted chocolate onto cake/ biscuit.

*Put toppings on sandwiches or pizza

*Roll pre-made dough with rolling pin; Cut out shapes using cookie cutter and put on oven tray.

*Transfer spoons of uncooked fusillli pasta from packet/ container into saucepan (Adult can then fill pan with water and bring to boil on hob)

*Spoon and stir chocolate powder or cocoa into milk, Count and put in a certain number of mini- marshmallows.

*My favourite- Help to make rice crispie buns as a treat!

For more fine motor activities –



Mr. Men balances and stretches (available on TWINKL):

  • Mr. Tall (stretch up tall)
  • Mr. Small ( crouch down low)
  • Mr. Rush ( run fast on the spot)
  • Mr. Jump
  • Mr. Bump (use cushions)

DVD Game:

  • Fast forward (run fast)
  • Rewind (walk backwards)
  • Pause (freeze on spot)
  • Stop

Friday April 3rd 2020


At this point in time we are waiting on further direction from the Government in relation to when after Easter schools will be re-opening but it is most likely that our next website posting will be on Monday April 20th. During these exceptional times, as we head towards the Easter period, we send continued good wishes for safety and health to our families and community.   

The Bagbooks website has some good multisensory stories. This link is helpful for you to make up a story and there are sample videos provided. You must register first and this only takes a few minutes

For the students who love animals, we’ve included the link to zoos around the world. Dublin zoo are streaming penguins being fed at 2.30pm daily.


World Autism Awareness Day is 2 April 2020 and April is Autism Awareness Month. Middletown Centre for Autism works all year on the promotion of excellence in autism education. There are some special events happening throughout April from the Middletown team in recognition of this important day and month

CJ Fallon is offering free online access to all of its online books from now until the end of the school term

Some students enjoy making a calendar and checking out the days of the week on the Starfall website


Wednesday April 1st 2020

Good morning everyone. How about a little cookery today it might suit some of our older students – if you feel up to it.

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes  – Ingredients

100g milk or dark chocolate, broken into chunks

Golden syrup

100g cornflakes

  1. Children:Weigh out the ingredients. Older children can do this by themselves with supervision and little ones can help to pour or spoon ingredients into the weighing scales. Put 50g butter, 100g milk or dark chocolate, broken into chunks and 3 tbsp golden syrup in a saucepan or microwavable bowl. Put 100g cornflakes in another large bowl.
  2. Grown ups:Melt the weighed butter, chocolate and golden syrup in the saucepan over a low heat or briefly in the microwave. Allow to cool a little before pouring over the cornflakes.
  3. Children:Stir the ingredients together gently using a wooden spoon. Spoon the mixture into 12 cupcake cases arranged on a muffin tray (or baking sheet, if you don’t have one). Grown ups will need to do this for younger children or simply arrange on a tray and let the mess happen. Put in the fridge to set.


You might find the following free apps helpful at some stage over the next few weeks.

Touch the Sound
Available from: Apple App Store
This app is great for developing an awareness of sounds and children simply have to listen to a sound and then choose the picture that matches the sound. The themes covered include animals, home, musical instruments, nature and transport. The app is fully customisable and could be used to add familiar sounds from a child’s own surroundings.
Cost: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Monster Hunt
Available from: Apple App Store
This app could be used to develop memory skills. Children are shown where the monsters are hiding and then have to find them once the tiles are turned over. The game gets more challenging the further you progress. This app would be useful for developing visual memory skills when working with children with special educational needs.
Cost: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Action Words
Available from: Apple App Store
This app allows students to learn and identify different verbs by choosing the image that matches the chosen verb. This app can be customised to include images and verbs that aren’t already on the app. This could be used to develop language skills and to create social stories also.
Cost: Free
Rating: 4.5/5


Availability of Lámh Signs Online

Free and Open Access to Lámh Signs Online until May 31st 2020

With children and families staying home amid the pandemic, Lámh is offering free and open access to Lámh Signs Online until May 31st 2020. This resource has videos of all 580+ Lámh signs, including timely signs like Wash Hands, Space, Hot, Clean, and Doctor.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Apply for Membership 
  3. Enter the code lovelamh 
  4. Fill in your name and email
  5. Check your emails to get the link to create your own password
  6. Login and see all signs.

Usually Lámh users and families start to learn Lámh signs face-to-face at a training course with tutor support. Currently Lámh training courses are postponed, routines have been upended, and families are at home. We hope that during this unsettling time, this temporary access will give support to all those who use Lámh signs.


Our Good Morning song today is I Wake Up (


March 30th 2020

Good Morning everyone, we hope you are continuing to keep safe and well. If you have any questions or would like advice please private message any of the social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or email the school office ( and we will do all we can to help or pass query on to a student’s teacher.

A fun and active activity for all the family to get involved in – Mark from Insanity Fitzone Studio and Gym (Palmerstown). The fun fitness classes are live two to three times a day on the below Facebook account. A great online exercise resource that staff, parents and students find helpful and easy to follow.

Here are a few ideas to keep students’ fine motor strength up over the next few weeks. Use these activities with homemade playdoh or other items you might find lying around the house. You can alter the activities slightly to use whatever you already have at home.

Our song for today is the Good Morning song available on

March 26th 2020

Good afternoon everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe and well.

The 7 days of the Week Song – loved by all!

This link to HelpKidzLearn includes Eye Gaze related activities. There are also suggestions for other other Apps with ‘Cause and Effect’ activities. The site is offering a Free Trail for 14 Days for some programmes.

March 25th 2020

This morning we are including two links for physical activity. PE with Joe might suit some older students.

Stewarts have made a video to help  keep active and will be helpful for lots of our students

Many students love The Handwriting without Tears Mat Man Song

Here is a link to other songs from this programme that students may be familiar with


March 24th 2020

Dear Parents

We hope our students and their families are keeping well and safe during this very difficult and challenging time.

We would like to share with you some useful ideas and resources which may help keep some children occupied and engage with some learning activities over this period of enforced school closure. The activities and resources are ones the children enjoy in school, some may or may not be successful in the home setting and not every resource will be suitable for everyone. We will include music, craft, physical activities, relaxation suggestions, story, sensory and fine motor activities – all of which the students enjoy daily. We will vary and add to the resources. Please use as best suits your child and your family.

We will post ideas on the school website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis. Keep safe and well everyone.

The Learning Station site is one that teachers recommend for engaging our students and it might be a useful singalong to start off with.

The NCSE is developing a suite of online resources, which is available on their website. The first resources are focused on SLT and OT, and further resources are currently being prepared

Here is the link to Twinkle which is free now for parents. It has a huge amount of resources from worksheets, pdfs, etc. in all curricular areas.

Barefoot books appeal to all of children and some of our students have their own specific favourites

Class 5A

We love using lots of different assistive technology to help us access our curriculum. We use hand and head jellybean switches, eye-gazes with laptops and specialist software, Big Mack switches, an Eclipse, an interactive whiteboard and an iPad. We love language and communication lessons, fun sensory activities, P.E. and exploring our environment. Below you will see us enjoying some lessons and using our devices.



Class 6B

We love reading stories. This year for world book day we read ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. Callum is feeling all the leaves and twigs from the story and Aislinn is laughing as we are reading how the bear is chasing everyone!



We also love sensory and music activities and below you will see Lauren carving a pumpkin for Halloween and Paul Ciaran listening to one of his favourite bands Green day.


Home Economics Classes: Our senior students have participated in Home Economics classes this term. They have at great fun learning how to prepare and cook simple snacks including pizza, wraps and toasted sandwiches. The students have also made pastry and learned to use it to make sausage rolls and cheese and ham pinwheels.  For the summer term classes will focus on using summer fruits and include some treats including milk shakes.


Class 7A

We love learning through play and participating in sensory activities. We all communicate in different ways using vocalisations, gestures and PECS. Have a look at us working hard and having fun.



Class 2A

This year we have worked very hard on developing our language and communication skills and our social skills. We love Literacy lessons and learning new symbols and words. We have developed our fine motor skills by engaging in TEACCH activities, completing jigsaws and participating in structured play. Look at us doing great work below!




Class 6A

We went to Airfield farm for our school trip and we saw pigs, cows, calf, goats, chickens and lots more. We had a picnic in the sunshine and got to feed the cows! In our class we love doing messy play with jelly or water, doing our switch work and our number songs.


Class 3A

We use lots of different communication devices in our class and love using our PECS to make choices throughout the school day once we have completed our work.




Senior school: 2nd Years

Second years enjoy various subjects , such as reading, writing and maths.  Each student works from a personalised  work portfolio which they really love and take great pride in. We love using the interactive whiteboard too, to help us access the curriculum and to learn from each other. One of our favourite times during the day is circle time when we do our language work. Here we learn our LAMH signs, many different topics like the weather, seasons, animals etc. and we discuss any class news from the weekend.  All students are great participants!!!! For fun we enjoy many different activities, for example;  P.E, Bizzy breaks, choir, home economics, TacPac, water play and art. Please see some pictures below of us doing our work and having lots of fun while we do so.



Class 2B 

This year for our school trip we went to Clonfert Pet Farm and had great day. We enjoyed jumping on the bouncy castle, playing in the soft play area and seeing the animals. This year we have been working hard on our individual targets and love completing table top work.


Class 4B

We really enjoy number work and learn through seeing and feeling how number shapes connect with each other. Sometimes we work in groups and sometimes we work independently.


Class 3B

We really enjoy group work and sensory play in our class. This year we have worked really hard on developing our independence skills and social skills. We love to get out in the community and every Friday we walk to Aldi. This helps us develop our money skills and social skills.



Class 7B

We love to experiment using different materials during art lessons and working on our fine motor skills by building towers,  completing jigsaws and pre-writing worksheets. One of our favourite activities is baking where we can experience smelling different smells and touching different textures.



Class 1B

This year is our first school year in the junior school and we like to make music. We enjoy marching activities to the rhythm of music and we love to use musical instruments to play along with our favourite songs.