Our Mission and Vision

Stewarts School Ethos

Stewarts School caters for students with moderate, severe and profound general learning difficulties. Many of our students present with additional needs including, physical, behavioural and sensory difficulties. A high number of our students are also on the autistic spectrum. The school seeks through education to provide each individual student with the relevant and appropriate opportunities and experiences to reach their full potential and become valued and active members within our society.


With Stewarts as its Patron, the school subscribes to the following mission statement:

  • To provide a broad curriculum using a range of teaching strategies which will encourage and facilitate the overall development of each student to his/her full potential
  • To focus positively on the abilities and strengths of each student while recognising and supporting areas of need
  • To create an atmosphere of mutual respect in an environment where students can interact in a free and secure manner and where positive relationships with others can be fostered and maintained
  • To initiate and encourage innovative approaches to teaching and learning through on-going staff training and development
  • To develop links as much as possible with other primary and post-primary schools.