Here are some fin games for you to try with your child. There are lots more useful resources and ideas in the STUDENT CORNER section of NEWS & EVENTS on this site.

Shout It Out

Try this game called Shout It Out! You challenge your child to name as many things relating to the theme you give them. Download and view it on your phone, tablet or computer and feel free to edit.

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Tell Me 5 Things…

This game challenges you to name 5 related things. As with other resources, download and edit however you want!

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What Is It?

‘What Is It?’ is a tricky one. Listen to the descriptions and say what you think it is. You could make up other ones to add to the ones provided.

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Coin Counting Game

This game is all about practising counting coins. This is best used by playing as a Slideshow from beginning in Powerpoint but can be used however you wish. You’ll need some change for this one and don’t forget to get it back when it’s over!

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Number Order 0-10 Cut & Stick Activity

Once this is printed, you can read, trace, copy, cut and stick the numbers 0-10 in order.

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Copying Patterns

Copy the colour sequences or the shape sequences on these worksheets. You could use Powerpoint to change or add to it.

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