Student Corner

Class 5A

We love using lots of different assistive technology to help us access our curriculum. We use hand and head jellybean switches, eye-gazes with laptops and specialist software, Big Mack switches, an Eclipse, an interactive whiteboard and an iPad. We love language and communication lessons, fun sensory activities, P.E. and exploring our environment. Below you will see us enjoying some lessons and using our devices.



Class 6B

We love reading stories. This year for world book day we read ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. Callum is feeling all the leaves and twigs from the story and Aislinn is laughing as we are reading how the bear is chasing everyone!



We also love sensory and music activities and below you will see Lauren carving a pumpkin for Halloween and Paul Ciaran listening to one of his favourite bands Green day.


Home Economics Classes: Our senior students have participated in Home Economics classes this term. They have at great fun learning how to prepare and cook simple snacks including pizza, wraps and toasted sandwiches. The students have also made pastry and learned to use it to make sausage rolls and cheese and ham pinwheels.  For the summer term classes will focus on using summer fruits and include some treats including milk shakes.


Class 7A

We love learning through play and participating in sensory activities. We all communicate in different ways using vocalisations, gestures and PECS. Have a look at us working hard and having fun.



Class 2A

This year we have worked very hard on developing our language and communication skills and our social skills. We love Literacy lessons and learning new symbols and words. We have developed our fine motor skills by engaging in TEACCH activities, completing jigsaws and participating in structured play. Look at us doing great work below!




Class 6A

We went to Airfield farm for our school trip and we saw pigs, cows, calf, goats, chickens and lots more. We had a picnic in the sunshine and got to feed the cows! In our class we love doing messy play with jelly or water, doing our switch work and our number songs.


Class 3A

We use lots of different communication devices in our class and love using our PECS to make choices throughout the school day once we have completed our work.




Senior school: 2nd Years

Second years enjoy various subjects , such as reading, writing and maths.  Each student works from a personalised  work portfolio which they really love and take great pride in. We love using the interactive whiteboard too, to help us access the curriculum and to learn from each other. One of our favourite times during the day is circle time when we do our language work. Here we learn our LAMH signs, many different topics like the weather, seasons, animals etc. and we discuss any class news from the weekend.  All students are great participants!!!! For fun we enjoy many different activities, for example;  P.E, Bizzy breaks, choir, home economics, TacPac, water play and art. Please see some pictures below of us doing our work and having lots of fun while we do so.



Class 2B 

This year for our school trip we went to Clonfert Pet Farm and had great day. We enjoyed jumping on the bouncy castle, playing in the soft play area and seeing the animals. This year we have been working hard on our individual targets and love completing table top work.


Class 4B

We really enjoy number work and learn through seeing and feeling how number shapes connect with each other. Sometimes we work in groups and sometimes we work independently.


Class 3B

We really enjoy group work and sensory play in our class. This year we have worked really hard on developing our independence skills and social skills. We love to get out in the community and every Friday we walk to Aldi. This helps us develop our money skills and social skills.



Class 7B

We love to experiment using different materials during art lessons and working on our fine motor skills by building towers,  completing jigsaws and pre-writing worksheets. One of our favourite activities is baking where we can experience smelling different smells and touching different textures.



Class 1B

This year is our first school year in the junior school and we like to make music. We enjoy marching activities to the rhythm of music and we love to use musical instruments to play along with our favourite songs.