We are absolutely delighted to have reached our target with the fundraising efforts. This is great news, and means that all the playground equipment that the children need for the new school will be in place. Thanks everyone for your support!

Our parents, their families, staff, local community and people in the wider community have been fantastic with donations and running lots of wonderful fundraising initiatives. The fundraising events have brought together students, families and staff and created a real sense of school community, which is so important for us.

We are also very grateful to our benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous, to Irish Life and its staff who very generously supported us as their Charity Parner of 2019 and to the Lorretta McGowan Foundation.

Unfortunately, the progress on our new school has been delayed and the board of management continues to liaise with the Department of Education & Skills and the Design Team to have the building finished and ready for our students. Some of the playground equipment is installed and we look forward to the completion of the Project and to the sound of children’s voices on the playgrounds.